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Free license

Completely free. Create projects and share them with the community, or enjoy viewing projects created by other users.

Number of active publications simultaneously 10
Disk Space 50MB
Maximun file size 50MB
Duration of publicationsMonths
Allows private publication No
Projects published with this type of license may include advertising of our platform when displayed in Scope. All content included in the published projects are public and can be used and modified by any member of the community.
For large educational institutions
Annual Payment

Create your own internal network so you can share content between your own users. You can associate users to this account so the users can share projects between themselves, without being visible for the rest of the community.

Number of active publications simultaneously 200
Disk Space 1GB
Maximun file size 100MB
Duration of publications 12 Months
Allows private publication Yes
Projects displayed in SCOPE do NOT contain advertising.
*All prices are expressed without IVA.

If your business has certain needs, do not hesitate to contact us; we can provide you a custom license.

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