Education With Aumentaty

If you are a teacher interested in the latest developments in training programs, and want your students to create their own virtual contents, Aumentaty will provide you with the right tools necessary to empower your student´s imagination, creativity and learning.  Aumentaty is completely FREE. Welcome to the Aumentaty's Creator club!

Why is Aumentaty´s Education Free?

We decided to make Aumentaty available to our educational system at no cost, so that teachers / students / parents have access to this technology in order to go one step further in Education. Our goal is trying to standardize the use of this amazing technology, have the educational community create their own applications and 3D models while providing a stimulating educational program for students.

Various scientific publications have proven that the use of augmented reality in education motivates students making them more involved in their own learning.  Augmented Reality also improves their creativity and spatial abilities, as well as enhancing their understanding of complex problems and concepts.  For this reason, we could not pass up the opportunity to provide to all (teachers and students) an innovative solution that improves educational quality and student learning.

How do I get to be an Aumentaty Creator?

You only need to register, and just fill out the online questionnaire with data related to your school. This data will be treated confidentially, and will not be used in any other purpose except to inform you, - if you wish- about Aumentaty´s latest news. After you fill out this quick registration, the system will send you an email with a key code that you will use to access your private section, and where you can start downloading the installer. This tool includes two applications: the creation (Author), and the display (Viewer) of Aumentaty AR.

What does Aumentaty expect in return?

As we have already stated, Aumentaty is free for teachers and students, and this team only wants you to share with the community the applications that you create.  Sharing your creations is not mandatory; however, the Aumentaty Team firmly believes that the benefits of this new technology will enrich the community, and consequently the Educational System. 

The Aumentaty© Team.

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