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The user of Author and Viewer are not compatible with the one of the Community and vice versa, you have to create a new one for the use of this one. Author and Viewer are not incorporated into the community and work independently. Aumentaty Author and Viewer is no longer supported because they are outdated applications.
The models will be able to be managed in this way soon!
Projects can be edited. Once a project has been published, it can be downloaded again in Creator. By downloading the project in Creator you can now modify it. When the project is republished, it appears as "Name (v2)", (v3) ....,etc.
You can not download the projects directly from the web, to view them it is necessary to download them through the program CREATOR or with SCOPE App. Within SCOPE or CREATOR, when you locate a project, the "Download" or "Download" button should appear in red, that is, the download is available. If this does not happen, please send us a screenshot to analyze what could be wrong.
No. Author/Viewer users are not compatible with the Aumentaty community, Creator and Scope. We have made great changes in Aumentaty and our tools have adapted to the new technologies. Therefore, we needed to start from scratch to offer a much more powerful tool. All Author users are invited to try out our new platform, where they will find it to be a much more powerful tool.
It's very possible that your project expired. But don't worry! You can republish your project whenever you'd like. Simply go to your user profile page and there you'll see your project. Republish your project and it should be available again. Aumentaty is committed to maintaining the highest quality of projects possible, and for that reason, projects can expire after a certain amount of time so as to avoid obsolete and test projects. If your project is still active, republish it often!
Aumentaty is an open community that allows users to share 3D content so others can use them to create their projects. For that reason, every time a project is published, Aumentaty prepares each model so they can be reused easily. If you can't find any model in our library that you like, you can import your own models as well. Creator lets you import 3D objects in OBJ, DAE and FBX format. If the models are exported correctly in these formats, then you shouldn't have any problem. Simply import the models in Creator and there you can adjust their aspect. Occasionally, during the export, depending on the options you choose it's possible that the models were not saved correctly. If that is the case, when you open the model in Creator, you'll see that you won't see the model correctly. Creator will try to recover the information, but if it can't, the most recommended option is to use a new model that has been correctly saved.
You can use Aumentaty for FREE. All users can publish and view content at no cost. The only exception is if you need to use Aumentaty for a commercial use, or if you need to expand services. We have different types of profiles available to adjust to your needs. Feel free to contact us or consult our types of profiles and prices for more details.
For the time being, the software to make content (Creator) works in Windows. With this software you can design and publish any content in augmented reality. Remember that to be able to view the content in your mobile phone, you will need our APP Scope. Scope is available for Android and iOS.
To be able to view the content in augmented reality, you will need to download the application Scope. Once you've downloaded Scope in your smart phone, search for the project you're interested in viewing and then you'll be able to download and view the content in augmented reality.

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